About Me:
MOTORCYCLE: 2018 Honda Goldwing Trike
HOMETOWN: Miami, Fla.

Hello! My name is Irvin “Scorpio” Lyons. After serving in the U.S. Army for 30+
years, my spouse Gail and I, decided to plant our feet in Vine Grove, Kentucky.  
I spend most of my time participating in various functions supporting our
Veterans.  I’m a member of numerous organizations which gives back to
communities across the Nation.  

Organizations such as: Kentucky Big Sisters and Big Brothers Advisory Board,
North Hardin Lions Club, National Guard Challenge Academy (Mentoring young
men & women, Heritage International Christian Church (Hospital Visitation
Committee), Robley Rex Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Louisville Kentucky
(visiting veterans), Kentucky National Association for Black Veterans, Inc., and
the list goes on.

One of my proudest moments was Founding and spearheading the “Shining
the Light on Military Women” program, and acquiring enough funds to clean
and restore veteran headstones in surrounding cemeteries. I recently became
a mentor at the Hardin County Veterans Treatment Court.  I am a certified
Veteran Service Officer, assisting Veterans and their families in submitting
claims for compensation benefits. My most recent accomplishment was
becoming a member of the Fort Knox Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers
Motorcycle Club. Representing the Legacy of the 9th and 10 Calvary African
American Soldiers by riding my steel horse and doing good for the community.