Changing Lanes

As a group, it can be difficult to change lanes to pass a slow moving car, or to enter into a
faster or slower moving lane. This is especially true with moderate to heavy traffic. Often
there is not enough room for the entire group to get between cars in the faster lane.

The way this is accomplish is as follows:

After the Road Captain signals which lane they want the group to move into. Each rider will
turn on their turn signal and then pass the correct hand signal back to the Tail Gunner.

When its safe the Tail Gunner to pull over into that lane and hold it for the group.

Each rider will then move into that lane in front of the Tail Gunner or as the cars in front of
the Tail Gunner passes them. Do not change lanes unless there is a bike already in that
lane behind you.

Always fill the lane from the rear not from the Front, Middle or any other position unless
outherwise directed by the Road Captain or the Tail Gunner