Fort Knox began as Camp Knox in 1918, when the U.S
Government leased approximately 40,000 acres for
artillery training. The surrounding area had served as a
training area for Cavalry units prior to that. The post is
named to honor Henry Knox, Chief of Artillery of the
Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and
the first Secretary of War for the United States. In
1931, a small force of the mechanized cavalry was
assigned to Camp Knox to use it as a training site. The
camp was turned into a permanent garrison in January
1932 and renamed Fort Knox. The 1st Cavalry
Regiment arrived later in the month to become the 1st
Cavalry Regiment (Mechanized).

Fort Knox was the home of the Army’s Armor and
Cavalry training and doctrine from then until 2011,
when BRAC 2005 caused the U.S. Army Armor Center
and School to join the Infantry Center and School at
Fort Benning, Georgia to form the Maneuver Center of
Fort Knox continues its proud
tradition of service in defense of
the nation. Its 109,000 acres house
additional units and serve as
training area for numerous Active
and Reserve Component units.
10 April 1956 - 9th Cavalry Inactivated at Fort Knox, Kentucky