Female Buffalo Soldier
Cathay Williams
William Cathay
92ND Infantry Division
Buffalo Soldiers
Medal of Honor
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Proud member of the Hardin
County Chamber of Commerce

Commerce is a membership-driven
organization of businesses, civic
organizations, educational
institutions and individuals.
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The Fort Knox Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club (BSMC), is a combination of both retired
military service members and dedicated civilians who love riding motorcycles and volunteering our
services.  Giving back to the surrounding communities plays a huge part in our mission.  The hours served
benefit those in need and place a positive impact on their lives. Some of our biggest accomplishments
resulted from the following services:

HABITAT FOR HUMANITIES - Providing those in need a decent place to live.

COMMUNITY YOUTH LEAGUE COWBOYS FOOTBALL TEAM – Sole sponsor for 6 & 7 year olds learning
the fundamentals of teamwork and how to play football.

Teaming up with
KOHLS department store for FEEDING AMERICA – We feel it’s our duty to join the
nationwide network of member food banks and engage in the fight to end America’s hunger.

WARM BLESSING SOUP KITCHEN – Organized to provide meals to the hungry and emergency shelter to
those in crises.  Our goal is to serve patrons with dignity, respect, and compassion to let them know we
care and their lives matter.

THANKSGIVING BASKETS – Communicating with local churches to donate Thanksgiving baskets to
families in need during the holiday season.

SPRING HAVEN WOMEN’S DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CENTER: Serving victims and their dependent
children suffering from domestic violence.  The Fort Knox BSMC donated over 100 sets of bath towels to
assist the organization in providing supplies during times of hardship.

HUMAN RESOURCE COMMAND HOLIDAY BALL:  Rated the best organized group for manning the
Holiday Ball coat check room. All donations collected goes toward our scholarship fund. (Photos Not

FORT KNOX HS WRESTLING TOURNAMENT: Volunteer annually to assist the Fort Knox High School in
conducting one of the best rated high school wrestling tournaments in the state of Kentucky.
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