The Medal of Honor is America’s highest award for military valor. It is bestowed on those who have performed an act of such
conspicuous gallantry as to rise “above and beyond the call of duty.” As a symbol of heroism, it has no equal in American life.
There have been 3,410 total recipients and 3,429 total Medals awarded. Nineteen recipients have received the Medal of Honor twice.
The Army has awarded 2,363; the Navy awarded 745; the Marines 295; the Air Force awarded 16; the Coast Guard awarded 1 and there
are 9 unknowns. One woman has received the Medal of Honor.

A total of 23 Buffalo Soldiers won the Medal of Honor during a variety of wars, expeditions, and campaigns. The book Black Valor:
Buffalo Soldiers and the Medal of Honor, 1870-1898 by Frank Schubert brings the lives of these brave soldiers into sharp focus. Sgt.
Emanuel Stance was the first to receive the Medal of Honor for his decisive and bold leadership of the Ninth Cavalry, which
consisted of mostly slaves in battle with Indians. Sgt. George Jordan received the Medal for defending a civilian settlement at Ft.
Tularosa, New Mexico; he later died after twice being refused to a military hospital. Sgt. William McBryar earned his Medal fighting a
party of Apache Indians on Salt River, Arizona.

At the 133rd anniversary reunion of the 9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association in Portland, Oregon, a wreath-laying ceremony at
Vancouver Barracks honored Sgt. Moses Williams and other Buffalo Soldiers who received the Medal of Honor.